About me

I grew up in a household full of dogs, my mum was a Shetland Sheepdog breeder, and later she switched to Collie Rough. 

I felt it was time to find my own breed, and started my search trough various breeds. I found the Prazsky Krysarik and tried to get to know the breed a little better, it was a hard thing at first because there was no breed recognition at that time. I ended my search in Kennel Ornamente Cle de Sol, and i acquired my first real Prazsky Krysarik! I was so amazed at how wonderful she was! Therefore I wanted to start breeding for myself. I returned to Alena and also got myself a very handsome male also. In the beginning it was hard showing, I needed to go to Germany or the Czech Republic. Thank God there is F.C.I. recognition now.

In the meantime somewhere I started attending groomingschool. There I fell in love with poodles! I would have never ever have guessed that! What an amazing character! It started itching! and I went on to search for an amazing perfect pedigree Toy Poodle. I met Kennel From The Resia Love, what an amazing breeding methodology and I registered myself on her waiting list. I got my first Poodle there. Absolutely in love. 

The best thing in these two breeds is that they go perfectly together! 

I always do my best to find the best healthy combinations, and I like to have as little as possible inbreeding. All of my dogs have at least a patella exam, and an eye test. These are extremely healthy breeds. 

In The Netherlands there are no breeding rules, for the Prazsky Krysarik. I think that is a real shame and I always try to keep myself to the rules of the Czech Republik, the KPPPK, https://www.prazsky-krysarik.cz/

I am a member of a Dutch breedclub, the EGCN, https://www.egcn.nl/

My Kennel is an official F.C.I. Kennel. I live in The Netherlands and my Kennelclub is Raad van Beheer, https://www.houdenvanhonden.nl/

If you want to know more about me, feel free to contact me!

In my facebook page are all of my contact details  https://www.facebook.com/BlindingJewells

If you want to check I am really an F.C.I. kennel check the pages!  https://fci.be/en/affixes/

If you want to check out the official breed standard here is a link, https://fci.be/en/nomenclature/PRAGUE-RATTER-363.html

©2020 Blinding Jewells | Alle rechten voorbehouden Special Thanks to Danielle van Schaik
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